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We look forward to receiving recommendations of doctors and mental health professionals from lesbian and bisexual women in NT. Recommendations can be emailed to nt(DOT)doclist(AT)gmail(DOT)com

General Practice

Coconut Grove
  • Dr Danielle Stewart General Practitioner
Northside Health NT4/1 Caryota Crt Coconut Grove 0810Tel: (08) 7999 7448integrative medicine, nutritional medicine, lesbian health, transgender health
  • Dr PJ Spafford General Practitioner
Gorge Health11 Second St Katherine 0850Tel: (08) 8963 6200Website: Gorge Health
  • Dr Nicky Purser General Practitioner Working In Fertility / IVF
Repromed Clinic, Darwin Private HospitalRocklands Dr Tiwi 0810Tel: (08) 8945 4211Website: Repromed Clinic
  • Dr Janelle Trees General Practitioner
Yulara Health Service12 Yulara Drive, Yulara 0872Tel: (08) 8956 2286 integrative medicine, acute and chronic care, acupuncturist
Closed Wed morning except for emergencies.
Please note that new clients need to be seen by a Remote Area Nurse before seeing the doctor.