Youth-friendly care for LGBTIQ young people aged 12-25.

Young people who are LGBTIQ, such as those aged 12 to 25, can have a great need for affordable / free LGBTIQ-friendly health care. headspace is Australia’s National Youth Mental Health Foundation. There are thousands of health professionals working across the more than 100 headspace centres in Australia. Most services at headspace Centres are bulk billed (free with a medicare card). It is not practical to list large numbers of LGBTIQ-friendly health professionals at the many headspace centres on DocLIST, so instead we advise that headspace may be a good option for LGBTIQ young people to access LGBTIQ-friendly health care. We are aware that LGBTIQ young people are officially a priority group at headspace, and that headspace provides training and resources to the health professionals and other staff working at headspace centres to assist them to provide good quality LGBTIQ-friendly care to young people. Health professionals working at headspace centres include general practitioners (who young people can see for any health issue, not just mental health), psychologists, alcohol and other drug counsellors and psychiatrists.

eheadspace offers online and telephone support for 12 - 25 year old young people and runs Qheadspace (for LGBTIQ young people) online weekly.

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